Travel Trailers for Sale: Safety Checklist

16/02/2010 13:07

Safety is a prime concern anytime you buy a new or used travel trailer. When checking out travel trailers for sale, you need to go through a safety checklist to guarantee your safety and the safety of those around you before you make the purchase.


Travel Trailer Hook Up
When you hitch your trailer to your car, it helps if you hook it up in the same order every time. This way you are less likely to miss a step or forget to hook up a safety feature. Creating your own checklist of steps will help make sure you get everything done. Additionally, before driving off, check the brake lights, signal lights and the reverse lights are working properly.


Check the Tires
Before you head out on your vacation, check the tread on your tires. The penny test is still a quick and effective test. If the tread comes up to Lincoln's head, then your tread is fine.


Next, check the age of the tires. All travel trailer tires have a date stamped on the tire. The first two is the week created and the last two is the year. Since RV tires are only meant to last six years, replace any tires older than six years.


Finally, check the tire pressure. Improper tire pressure can cause blows outs and can make it difficult to tow.


Other Considerations

  • Do the breaks work?
  • Do you have enough mirrors to cover blind spots?
  • Is the weight evenly distributed?
  • Is everything properly secure?
  • Do you need/have chains?


It is vitally important to check all these things each time you decide to buy from an individual. By creating a checklist, you can quickly go through all these safety issues both quickly and effectively.


If you are purchasing from a RV dealer, you will still want to check. However, the chances are they are not going to sell a travel trailer that does not pass the muster.